Red Oak RAGBRAI Maps and Information

This page is a collection of all things maps and information for Red Oak RAGBRAI 2024.

Red Oak RAGBRAI - Maps

Red Oak RAGBRAI Digital Map



Food Trucks

Karams Grill LLC
Roadside Tacos
Caribbean Kitchen
Community Foundation for Western Iowa
Whip Delight
Boxer BBQ
Fickle Chics
TCI Enterprise
Brick and Embers Pizza
Lemon Shake Ups
Amos Deans
Hungry Boys
Mills Montgomery County Cattleman’s
Amos Fabulous Foods
Culinary Cruizer
Off the Griddle

Food Booths

Los Primos Grill
Red Oak Nutrition
Pacific Rim Noodlehouse
Casa De Oro

Main Campgrounds

Food Trucks

Donuts on the Roll
Tacos Express
Napel Mexican Food Trailer
Garcia’s Taqueria
Pim’s Thai Food Truck
HyVee Ice Truck
Nami Southwest Iowa

Food Booths

Advance Restorative Hydration & Wellness
Mobile IV Hydration LLC
660 Health and Wellness
HyVee Grill

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